Customer FAQ’S

Answers to Common Questions from Customers

How can I access the Gohfr platform for deliveries?

We want to ensure that we understand and meet our customer’s needs; therefore, we take the time to set up each customer with their own account. There are no set up fees or annual fees associated with opening a Gohfr account; you only pay for what you use. For more information on opening a Gohfr account, please contact us at and a representative will contact you as soon as possible.

How does Gohfr operate?

Gohfr is harnessing the power and speed of the gig economy and maintains a network of drivers throughout local cities to accept and make deliveries. Vehicle sizes range from standard cars, and SUV’s to pickup trucks. High majority of package deliveries will fit in the front and or back seat of most vehicles.

How does Gohfr maintain safety and security?

Two ways. First, all of our Partner Drivers must undergo and pass a background and MVR check, must have an active U.S. driver’s license, and carry active motor vehicle insurance.
Secondly, Gohfr carries and maintains the necessary business insurance policies including Cargo Insurance which insures all cargo for up to $25,000 USD.

Can I track my package throughout the delivery process?

Yes, the Gohfr platform allows for Customer’s to view and track their packages throughout each step of the delivery process, through account alerts and real time tracking. Customers are also have the ability to view signature and picture confirmations to ensure successful delivery.

How much does it cost to use the Gohfr platform?

There are no set costs to utilize the Gohfr platform; we do not charge set up or monthly fees, no contracts, etc. You simply pay for what you use when utilizing Gohfr for a delivery. Our prices are based on required delivery time, size of package and distance.

Does gohfr offer the ability to be set up on recurring invoicing?

Yes, Gohfr offers its customers the ability to pay via credit card inside the Gohfr App or to set up reoccurring invoicing.

What areas does gohfr currently service?

Right now Gohfr is servicing the San Antonio and surrounding area location


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