Standard of Conduct

The Gohfr Standard of Conduct

We place significant value on the relationship we build and maintain with you, and the positive experiences we create for customers. Our collective success is dependent upon how we conduct ourselves and treat others which is why we have developed this set of standards for us all to follow. So, let’s commit to holding one another accountable to these standards.

Standard of Conduct


Our reputation as a company and your reputation as a driver is our most valuable asset together and it is up to all of us to make sure that we continually earn and keep that trust. All our interactions and communications with our customers should increase their trust in us.


The definition encompasses several different attributes, and, together, these attributes identify and define a professional.


We are all expected to follow all safety rules and practices and cooperate with officials who enforce these rules and practices. Professionals take necessary steps to protect themselves and other associates; and report immediately all accidents, injuries, and unsafe practices or conditions. Safety is always paramount.


If circumstances arise that prevent us from delivering on our promises, we manage expectations up front, and do our best to make the situation right. Professionals do not make excuses; we focus on finding solutions.


Professionals exhibit qualities such as honesty and integrity. They keep their word, and they can be trusted. They never compromise their values and will do the right thing. Moreover, true professionals exhibit empathy and are humble.


Professionals hold themselves accountable for their thoughts, words, and actions, especially when they have made a mistake.


Professional conduct involves your ethics, morals, and standards of behavior. If you want to have a professional image, you must maintain your ethical behavior and preserve your integrity and reputation.


Make a deep, personal commitment to develop and improve your skills. There is a learning and networking opportunity in every interaction and Gohfr will always encourage you do improve yourself.


At Gohfr, we treat each other with the highest level of respect and dignity. We strive to make every customer’s experience enjoyable and fulfilling, and we treat our customers as we treat one another, with respect, compassion, and dignity.

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