What We Offer

What Can You Send?

Documents, Auto Parts, Retail Goods, Dry Cleaning, Home Goods, TV’s, Electronics, License Plates…you name it, a Gohfr can pretty much deliver it.

Fast and Flexible Delivery Options

Have a time sensitive delivery? We offer one hour to same day delivery for packages and parcels. Get your package delivered in the time frame you need while you track your package every step of the way with easy and accurate alerts and notifications. 

Privacy and Responsibility

All packages and parcels are automatically insured up to $25,000 and all Gohfr drivers undergo background checks to help ensure your package arrives safe and un-tampered. Enhance and expand your business offerings and capability with same day local delivery all while utilizing on-demand technology. Gohfr offers a better way to deliver…your customers will thank you.

A Better Class of Delivery

We get it…in today’s rapidly moving world, getting your product in the hands of your customers in a rapid and safe way is key…that’s why we created Gohfr. Amazon revolutionized the way and speed in which customers can order and receive their desired products…you can too.

We also understand that the courier industry is archaic and broken. No current and relevant technology exists allowing businesses to send and deliver their packages and parcels in an easy, efficient and cost-effective manner. Today a courier mixes add on’s like density zones, distance, afterhours/weekend/holiday, fuel surcharges etc. It is a very inconvenient and nontransparent model.

Gohfr harnesses the power and speed of the Gig Economy and partners with drivers in the local area who are ready, motivated and available to move your goods. No need to call and place your order or utilize an archaic courier network – submit your request online and your Gohfr will arrive for pick-up and delivery.

Order from any device. You can schedule deliveries 24/7


Gohfr is here to support your business by delivering your documents in the hands of recipients in a speedy and trustworthy time frame. Who can utilize and benefit from Gohfr on demand delivery:

  • Law Firms
  • Real Estate professionals
  • Automotive dealerships
  • Architects and designers And many more…

Small Business

Enhance and expand your business offerings with same day local delivery all while utilizing on-demand technology. Now your business can have the ability to compete with the largest retailers in the world and get your goods into the hands of customers within an hour. What types of small businesses can benefit from Gohfr

  • Medical devices
  • Healthcare supplies
  • Auto Parts
  • Ready to eat meals
  • Any many more...


Amazon has made next day shipping the norm, and with Gohfr, large businesses can compete with the largest online retailers in the world to get their goods into the hands of customers rapidly. Turn your large retail center into a ‘local distribution center’ and have your goods delivered directly and quickly. Move away from ‘curbside pick-up’ to ‘1-hour delivery’ – your customers will thank you.

Quick Contact

Got a question about driving for us? Drop us a line and we’ll follow up as soon as possible.