Driver FAQ’S

Answers to Common Questions from Drivers

How can I access the Gohfr app?

Both the IOS and the Android Apps can be located and downloaded in each respective app store – Apple App Store for IOS and Google Play Store for Android.

What type of phone is required to use the Gohfr app?

You will need a modern Apple or Android smartphone to utilize and run the Gohfr app.

How does Gohfr operate?

Gohfr is harnessing the power and speed of the gig economy and partnering with motivated drivers who want to earn extra income in their spare time. A customer will enter a delivery request via the Gohfr platform, and then Gohfr Partner Drivers who have self-selected to be ‘On Duty’ via the Gohfr App will receive a push notification that the pickup is available for delivery. The first Gohfr driver to swipe and claim the delivery gets access to the delivery order information, map, and customer location/information.

What is the process to partner as a driver with Gohfr?

Our process is simple and easy. Apply via or via the Gohfr App where you will verify that you meet our Partner Driver criteria and enter a few required documents such as your drivers license, proof of auto insurance and state registration. Next you will consent to a background check and wait for approval.

Upon approval to partner with Gohfr, you will then receive an Onboarding link where you will complete the necessary Onboarding tasks to become an official Gohfr Partner Driver, and away you go.

What are the requirements to be a Gohfr partner driver?

You must be 21+ years of age, have a reliable car/SUV/van/truck, have a modern Android or Apply Smartphone, have 1+ years driving experience, be able to clear a background check, have the ability to understand and communicate in English, obtain and maintain personal vehicle insurance minimums required by your insurance carrier, have a current state inspection sticker and vehicle registration, and be able to safely lift up to 50lbs.

What are the vehicle requirements of Gohfr partner drivers?

Gohfr does not have any requirements when it comes to our driver partner vehicles. We advise that the vehicle you choose to operate, is in a safe, mechanically sound condition, and in compliance with all state and applicable laws.

Do I have to wear a uniform?

No shirts…no hats…no badges…no silly uniforms. Gohfr recommends you dress how you feel comfortable and how you want to be viewed by clients.

Are there any specific insurances I need to carry?

Gohfr does not require Partner Drivers to carry any specific insurance. However, we advise that all Partner Drivers contact their motor vehicle insurance provider and inquire about any necessary requirements regarding your personal insurance coverage. Some insurance companies will require drivers to carry Ride Share Gap Protection when driving for a Transportation Network Company (TNC) such as Gohfr.

Is this a full-time job, and do I have to commit to a certain number of hours per week?

Being a Gohfr Partner Driver IS NOT a full-time job nor do you have to commit to a schedule or hours per week. Rather, all our Partner Drivers are independent contractors who want to make extra money in their own time. Gohfr will never ask or demand that you commit to a schedule. The only time Gohfr will ask for a commitment is when a driver accepts a delivery request; we ask that you do your absolute best to complete the delivery in a timely, safe, and professional manner.

What Is An Average Hourly And/or Weekly Rate?

We provide no averages as your earnings are dependent on how active you are. Gohfr does its best day in and day out to develop our customer network and continually grow business from the sales side which in turn grows the delivery opportunities for our Partner Drivers. We believe this is a partnership between you and Gohfr and we want you to be successful and make money based on your own schedule.

Do drivers have an opportunity to earn promotional offers, referral bonuses, or rewards?

From time to time Gohfr will offer special promotions, referral bonuses, and/or rewards. We want to ensure we are sharing in the spoils and rewarding those who are motivated and provide their customers top notch service.

How is gohfr partner driver pay calculated?

Easy…unlike other driver apps that calculate based on mileage, weight of car, and other complex formulas – we believe in equal partnership and transparency. Therefore, all Gohfr Partner Drivers earn 50% (fifty percent) of the total delivery fee plus any tips/gratuity. That simple.

How and when do I get paid?

Once you are selected to as a Gohfr Partner Driver, you will input your direct deposit information into our payroll system in the Onboarding phase. The Gohfr pay period is Wednesday through Tuesday; and therefore, Partner drivers will have a weekly pay date every Friday.

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